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    • External Auditing

    • External Auditing Services we offer under FACT Audit include:
      • - Annual Statutory audits which are primarily considered as "external" / obligatory audits addressed to form an opinion on the financial statements of the entity
      • - Regulatory and/or Assurance audits mainly targeted to address compliance and reporting objectives
      • - Voluntary "ad-hoc" internal audits aimed to address specific issues initiated by the stake holders and/or senior management of the business. These are mainly considered to be "task-based" audits
      • - Specific specialised audits aimed to address Business and Management set ups, Business Process and Business Risk Reviews in relation to the various factors aimed to safeguard good practices in "corporate governance"
      Due Diligence audits concerned with taking a deeper look into an existing going concern business prior one ventures or take decisions of doing business with that going-concern As Registered Auditors, we perform external statutory audits in accordance with the Companies Act and in line with approved International Standards on Audits (ISAs) and Quality Assurance guidelines.

      An important aspect is that before any assignment is taken on board, FACT audit also consider all issues related to the "independence" principle and ensure that it or any member of FACT group is not prejudiced, compromised or legally / professionally inhibited to act in those particular situations.

      For more information please contact us on info@factgroup.net

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